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Automatic parking. Quite simple.
Automatic parking 1906 - Garage du Rue Ponthieu

In 1906, Büro AG Perret, Architects and Engineers, built the first automatic parking system in the Garage du Rue Ponthieu in Paris. The technology has been refined over the last 100 years - however, the principle has remained the same: parking, simple and automatic.


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Ganz einfach ökonomisch.

Popular neighborhoods and attractions define cities. Even areas reserved for pedestrians need parking solutions like the one shown here in Paris: an underground, invisible, economic solution.

Ganz einfach ästhetisch.

Modern cities should combine the tradition of the past with the latest today has to offer. But their beauty is all too often marred by 19th and 20th century grid planning... and gridlock.

Ganz einfach sicher.

Even insurance companies are requiring the vehicles they cover to be parked in safe environments.

Ganz einfach ökologisch.

Go green is going good, not only for the people working in this office building. Green also can come on four wheels.

Automatic parking. Quite simple.

The average driver spends about 90 minutes a day in the car. So the car has to spend the other 22.5 hours parked - somewhere. But more and more, finding a parking place is becoming a challenge, especially in big cities and popular destinations. Planners, developers, architects and engineers are all looking for viable solutions.

An opportunity to bring the technology of automated parking to where it´s needed most. These advanced automated parking systems are extraordinarily well-designed, tested and constructed. They are being used worldwide in totally automated locations, where speed and reliability is critical. The advantages are clear. The systems are scalable and adapt to virtually any architectural footprint. They hold nearly twice as many vehicles as similarly sized conventional garages. What´s more, they are fast, efficient and environmentally sound.

Simply economic.

Worldwide, city centers are the core of modern life, work and society. However, traffic volume has far outstripped the parking designed to handle it.

Whether for commercial or residential areas, the increasing demand for parking has brought with it infrastructure headaches for municipalities...and it frequently means lost revenue as drivers take their business elsewhere. Automatic parking systems are able to solve these core problems more economically than conventional parking garages. Quite simply, they create more parking from less space and consume fewer resources.   « back...

Simply aesthetic.

As cities reinvent themselves for the future with sustainable planning and development, they keep an eye toward making their redefined landscape attractive and functional.

An automatic parking system enhances the utility and beauty of a building. They offer architects and city planners more choices than just a closed facade in an existing structure. Automatic parking has advantages over conventional parking in nearly every aspect of beauty and utility. In fact, its greatest beauty is that it can often be made invisible.   « back...

Simply safe.

Automatic parking systems help protect the drivers and their vehicles with clear, bright and open spaces.

Unauthorized users cannot access the system and, as the vehicles are stored on racks, theft and vandalism are greatly deterred. This also contributes to the enhance quality of life of the surrounding neighborhood.   « back...

Simply ecological.

In 2007, the world´s population passed a milestone: for the first time in history, more people live in cities than outside of them. By 2030, more than 60% of the world´s population will live in cities.

This means that cities will have to become more innovative in providing quality living and services in an ecologically sound manner. Currently, cities use more than 75% of the energy produced, and create more than 80% of the world´s greenhouse gas emissions. One way to reduce the carbon footprint of cities is by reducing the hunt for parking. An abundance of automated parking means fewer cars on the road, less congestion, and cleaner air for everyone.   « back...


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